About the Artist:


I am inspired by function and utility…  these are best when balanced by feel and simplistic lines. Graceful ergonomic performance is the desired result.  I enjoy using tools as well as the traditions of doing things by hand.

As a tactile and manual learner I have a love for good sharp wooden pencils, tools with soul and the story behind the dings and scratches in my toolbox. Almost all of my tools are second-hand... and I like the fact that they are from a time where energy was not wasted in or on the tools.

The rules of good tools: (both made and bought)

Form will follow function.
Function flows from the need to do something (not the want).
Form must be aesthetically pleasing to not only the eyes but to the touch throughout the performance of its function.
Minimalism does have a place- but sensory comfort overrides minimalism.

I see things differently- like precious metals. For most folks, the “precious” metals are gold, silver, platinum and the like… precious to me is the old sawmill blade rusting in the field that could be a piece of history or a heritage piece… Perspective changes when you change your approach- remember… “Worthless” and “Priceless” mean the same thing- it all depends on your viewpoint.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Me… Portfolio coming soon!